Secure Document Shredding and Storage

M&R File Services provides businesses, agencies and individuals with a solution for securely disposing of sensitive documents and media. We remove long-overdue files and records that are gathering dust while taking up valuable office and storage space.



 Electronic Media Destruction Services - HARD DRIVE DESTRUCTION, DATA DESTRUCTION

 DOCUMENT STORAGE - Full Service records storage and management solutions


The most comprehensive background checks, fingerprinting, yearly and random drug testing to meet all of NAID’s certification standards ensures our team has the highest security clearance. Add in closed circuit cameras for viewing of real-time shredding and 24/7 recording from the time the locked truck enters the facility, M&R File Services security is unrivaled


With locked containers, no curious employee, janitor or passerby can access confidential information. And with our exclusive bar code system, we can track exactly where your material is at all times. Once we arrive to shred your material, the chain of custody remains unbroken until you receive a Certificate of Destruction

  • STAFF. Only employees with the highest security clearance retrieve and destroy your material
  • SECURITY CONTAINERS. Specially designed security containers help prevent unauthorized access to collected material.
  • SECURE CHAIN OF CUSTODY.  Ensures security from the time our security specialist take your records in locked containers to the paper recycling manufacturing plant.
  • CAMERA SURVEILLANCE. Our closed circuit camera recordings allows additional security to monitor their material destruction.
  • GUARANTEE. A Certificate of Destruction guarantees your material is rendered legally non-negotiable and indecipherable.

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    Despite the desire of many to create an electronic revolution, a paperless society, we’ve just not achieved that state of paradise yet. For most people, paper is a necessity and a luxury at the same time. The fact of the matter is people like to touch, fold, file, stack and retain paper. Therein lies the problem. People like paper. They hang onto pieces, documents, shipping receipts, invoices, and sales call reports and make stacks on desks and floors.Document Shredding, Paper Shredding

    Paper needs to go. To make it convenient, M&R File Services can deliver a customized paper shredding program using our large off-site facility. With M& R File Services, it’s more than document shredding we care about. Our number one goal is to protect your reputation and your customer’s confidence in your business. We put our reputation on the line to do so.

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    M&R File Services offers Full Service records storage and management solutions, from retrieval, delivery, scanning, to shredding. Our services provide a secure, low cost solution for all types of organizations and business professionals.

    Our Services Include:

  •  Fast 24/7 Retrieval & Delivery
  • Scanning
  • Re-boxing
  • Life cycle management



    Document storage is a vital part of any business. With increasing amounts of data generated by business and the high cost of office space, offsite storage is the best solution for your records management program. M&R can help with the bottom line, by freeing up valuable office space and reducing the amount of time an employee is spending on the management of your records. It is important to choose an off-site document management company that not only stores your documents, but manages them as well.

  • M&R File Services offers a complete, cost-effective, and competitive solution to business document and records management, storage, and destruction needs.

  • The business of records and information management continues to become increasingly complex as new technologies emerge, regulatory requirements increase, and companies change the way they do business.

  • M&R File Services helps you stay organized, secure your most valuable records, and saves valuable office space. And we do it at a reasonable price.
    As your records and information management partner, we can help you improve your service and lower your costs.

  • Outsourcing records storage and management to M&R File Services will provide your organization a secure, cost effective solution for all types of business records.

  • We understand the importance of properly indexing, securely storing, and retrieving your information.

  • Benefits from using M&R File Services:

  • • Certificate of Confidentiality
    • Alarmed & Camera recorded Facility
    • Inventory management with Barcode Technology
    • Destruction Date Management
    • Detailed Billing
    • Secure On-line access to your documents